Sunday, 27 April 2014

ikan Shows Off New 2K 8.9-Inch & Full 1080p 5-Inch LCD Monitors with SDI, HDMI, & Multiple Scopes « No Film School

At NAB this year, ikan showcased a few upcoming monitors with some strong features. The VX9i-2K takes up to 4:4:4 2K resolution via 2x 3G-SDI, HDMI, component, or composite inputs with active cross-conversion available for HD-SDI/HDMI output. It's also sports pretty much all the scopes you'd ever need with 5″ of screen real estate still available for live monitoring out of its 1920×1200 display. Meanwhile, the DX5 is an impressive little guy featuring full 1080 resolution on its 5″ screen, the likes of which we don't see very often. Check below for more details and our NAB 2014 interview with ikan.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Forget 4K and 8K… How about 18K?!

As many of you have already read from my post here, when I was at NAB two weeks ago, I had my ultra high definition illusions shattered by NHK's Super Hi Vision 8K presentation. It stunned me how realistic it looked, and the 22-channel sound made it almost as if I was at the fireworks show depicted in the presentation. It felt that realistic. So when I read about a new camera created by Forza Silicon that had an 18K CMOS chip, I thought… will we even know what reality is in the future?

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

6K Resolution for Under $10K: Kinefinity KineMAX 6K Camera Gets Official Pricing « No Film School

Kinefinity, the Chinese company that has been making scientific cameras for years, is now making some waves in the cinema camera market. Their first two models received a bit of attention for the features offered in such affordable packages, but now we are getting the next generation of those models, the KineMINI and KineMAX, which give 4K and 6K resolutions, respectively.

GoPro Hero4 rumored to arrive this summer, will shoot 4K at 30 fps, slo-mo videos

GoPro Hero4 rumored to arrive this summer, will shoot 4K at 30 fps, slo-mo videos.

As far as the tech world goes, the Internet is one big rumor mill. There's hardly a company these days that can keep its new products a secret until the official announcement date. Now it seems that the maker of everyone's favorite action camera, GoPro, has fallen victim to an information leak: details about the allegedly upcoming GoPro Hero POV cam are circulating on the Net, which claims enhanced 4K video capture and a boost to specs. Based on the specs, the new camera may seem like a typical upgrade, but there's actually some significant tech here.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

RedShark News - How does NAB change the landscape if you're a camera hire company?

While for most of us the blizzard of new cameras at NAB is a chance to daydream over what we might buy, or at least think of being extremely nice to the bank manager next time we see them, for people like John Brennan, MD of the UK's largest hire company ProCam, it's all about how many they might have to buy of what model to satisfy demand.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Want That 70MM Look? Pentax Jumps Into Medium Format Video with the 645Z « No Film School

Ricoh, who now operates the Pentax brand, has just introduced the first sub-$10,000 medium format camera capable of shooting HD video, the 645Z. While it's not going to be your everyday shooter for video, it's certainly going to provide a very different aesthetic from even the large sensor 5D Mark II or Mark III. This is the first time it will be relatively affordable to acquire footage that more closely matches the angle of view of 65mm film.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Should Photographers Care About 4K?

Should Photographers Care About 4K?

If you had to summarize this year's NAB Show in Las Vegas in one word, it would probably be "4K."

The NAB (Which stands for National Association of Broadcasters) Show is the world's largest Electronic Media show, and deals largely in video. But, this year, at least one of the announcements had interesting implications for the still photography market.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

News Shooter | NAB 2014 video: Lumos lights bi-colour LEDs claim 98 CRI accuracy

Newsshooter technical editor Matt Allard talks to Doug from International Supplies about the latest range of Lumos LED lights. These Korean made lights claim to have extremely accurate colour reproduction thanks to their high colour rendering index (CRI).

News Shooter | NAB 2014 video: Libec ALLEX tripod and slider combo system

Newsshooter's Chuck Fadely talks to Jose Larios of Libec about their new ALLEX system. This is a modular tripod system designed for DSLR filmmakers. This lightweight system includes a head, tripod and slider, which can be configured to suit your shooting situation.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Sony Announces F5 to F55 Upgrade, FS700 Zoom Lens Support & Optical Adapter for B4 to PL « No Film School

No Film School with Sony at NAB 2014Holding true to their philosophy to make the F5/F55 remain viable for a long time to come,Sony have introduced an upgrade that effectively turns your F5 into an F55. For the FS700, Sony are releasing a free FS700 firmware upgrade for E-mount zoom lens support. Also, for those of us with a few B4 lenses sitting around, Sony has announced a new 2-part optical B4 to PL adapter with an electronic lens interface. Hit the jump for our interview with Sony on the NAB floor:

Early Footage, Full Specs, & Why the AJA CION is the Most Exciting New Camera at NAB 2014 « No Film School

This week has been a crazy one for camera announcements. Not only did Blackmagic blow the lid off of NAB once again with theannouncement of the URSA camera, but Digital Bolex brought their A-game to the world of black and white cinematography, and Apertus (despite the fact that they couldn't make it to NAB) announced that the Axiom Beta is well on its way. Perhaps the most interesting camera announcement, however, came from hardware-manufacturer AJA, as they announced the arrival of a brand new 4K cinema camera simply called CION. We just got wind of the full specs on this camera, and even caught a glimpse of some early footage.

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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New from RED: SCARLET DRAGON for $14.5K, DRAGONColor & 4K 3G-SDI Module « No Film School

What would the NAB show be without some sort of announcement from RED? This year we've got a slew of news from the company, including Scarlet Dragon shipping info, a 4K broadcast module to send out up to 4K 60fps over 4 3G-SDI ports, Epic-M Monochrome details, new color science and even a handy RED-specific multi-tool.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

NAB 2014: Sony kicks it up a notch with the α7S 4K Full-Frame Camera

It's that time of year again, NAB is off and running and we've had a great start with the Blackmagic Studio and URSA Cameras and now the Sony α7S.

While it only sports a 12.2-megapixel 35mm full-frame Exmor CMOS sensor, it has been paired with the high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine. But it's the camera's sensor sensitivity that's the star of this show, capable of shooting at a jaw-dropping ISO 409,600 with very little noise.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Blackmagic Design: URSA

Introducing Blackmagic URSA, the world's first high end digital film camera designed to revolutionize workflow on set. Built to handle the ergonomics of large film crews as well as single person use, URSA has everything built in, including a massive 10 inch fold out on set monitor, large user upgradeable Super 35 global shutter 4K image sensor, 12G-SDI and internal dual RAW and ProRes recorders. Because the sensor and lens mount assembly can be changed, you can choose EF or PL lens mounts, or even a broadcast video sensor with B4 mount. This means you can upgrade to the latest sensor technology in the future and keep your investment in the camera body!

Digital Motion Picture Cameras in 2014: The Next Chapter | Filmmaker Magazine

Do we need to trade up our cameras? How soon? Are more resolution, bit depth, frame rates, color space even critical to what we do? I offer this year's camera round-up as a snapshot of where cameras stand as we head into this year's milepost NAB — and a guide to where I think they, and we, are going.